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Encontrar Software Linux

Iniciado por /*charlie*/, Marzo 29, 2007, 05:19:19 am

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What is CNR.com?

CNR.com is a new web site that makes CNR technology available for the other popular desktop Linux distributions, not just Linspire and Freespire. The goal of CNR.com is to normalize the process of finding and installing software for desktop Linux users, regardless of which distribution they are using.

The CNR.com site provides names, descriptions, screenshots, user reviews, specifications, source code, developer information, and so on, for tens of thousands of Linux software applications, packages and libraries. Anyone can freely browse CNR.com to research and find desktop Linux software. CNR.com also allows you to install any of the software programs to any of the supported distributions, all with just one click.

Which distributions will be supported?
• Debian
• Fedora
• Freespire
• Linspire
• OpenSUSE
• Ubuntu

Más informacion:
:arrow: http://www.cnr.com/faq.html
:arrow: http://cnr.com/

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